Are you ready to give it all you got? Then you've landed in the right spot. Hidden Struggles is a space I've created to share learning experiences so others don't have to go through unnecessary drama. How many times have you uttered the famous words, "if I only knew" and then shake your head in disgust realizing you could have avoided a lot of pain and suffering? It happens all the time. So, here I am, offering a place where life experiences abound ready to help if you're willing to take the time to listen.

lady cee

Lady Cee

Talk Show Host/Life Coach



After being raised in the high control group known as Jehovah's Witnesses and following their lead thus making decisions  based on bad information, I finally woke up began taking charge of my own destiny. Despite not going to college immediately after graduating from high school, I earned a bachelor's degree later in life, purchased my first home, and began making choices based on more informed decisions. I'm here to share those experiences with you.




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